The End of the World is Here…Again

The Graffiti Warehouse Gallery is pleased to present The End of the World is Here…Again, an art exhibit curated by TOVEN and Paul Mericle.  The opening reception will be November 21st at 7pm with refreshments and live painting by Artists Stefan Ways, TOVEN, Paul Mericle, Francisco Esteban, and more. The public is invited to collaborate with the artists on the live paintings, which will be for sale in silent auctions throughout the weekend. The winners will be announced at the end of the show on Sunday.

On Saturday November 22nd at 7pm there will be a special event to benefit the launch of the One Piece Project, a street art campaign by the students of Baltimore City Schools’ REACH Partnership. There will be artwork for sale and an interactive art installation, along with refreshments and music. For more information on the One Piece Project, please visit nonseqart.com/onepiece or facebook.com/1pieceproject.

The End of the World is Here…Again explores the themes of living in a society where the next apocalypse is always just around the corner.  Whether it is real or imagined we live in a world where the media, government, and entertainment industries are continually confronting us with new “End of the World” scenarios.  Ranging from infectious diseases, terrorist attacks, economic crises, nuclear Armageddon, to a zombie apocalypses, we are living in a state of constant heightened fear, or worse- completely desensitized and apathetic to the world we live in.

The Graffiti Warehouse Gallery is located in The Graffiti Warehouse, a 14,000 square foot exhibition space walls covered with street art and graffiti from some of the best artists in the world, including artists from Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles and Paris.  One of the finest collections of art in the city of Baltimore, The Warehouse door opens onto the world famous Graffiti Alley-the only place in the city of Baltimore where it is legal to spray paint graffiti.


The Graffiti Warehouse Gallery

128 W. North Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21211


The End of the World is Here…Again

Opening Friday November 21st at 7pm with live painting

Special Event Saturday November 22nd at 7pm Launch party to benefit Baltimore’s “One Piece Project”

Show closes Sunday November 23rd at 8pm

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