A brief interview with 2016 Open Studio Tour artist: Lania D’Agostino


Artwork by Lania D’Agostino

Can you tell us a little bit about the work that you do in your studio?

I do figurative sculpture, some are from live models others are smaller figures sculpt in clay and cast in resin. I have a studio just for painting that is overflowing with figurative paintings in bright colors. I use mostly oil paint and charcoal.
Artwork by Lania D’Agostino

What drew you to the medium(s) that you are currently working with?

I have been sculpting and casting figures for the museum industry for over 20 years so I am well versed in the figure. Some of the sculptures I do now use the same materials and techniques that I’ve learned in my business. The direction that I’ve been going with these sculptures are based on social issues such as transgender and gender variance awareness, homelessness and Black Lives Matter.
With the sculptures I need to have the direction and intent of the work first but with the paintings they are a direct painting process that is more of a spiritual journey. I usually learn their stories after they are finished.

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