A brief interview with 2016 Open Studio Tour artist: Dottie Campbell


Artwork by Dottie Campbell

Can you tell us a little bit about the work that you do in your studio?
Since I capture photographs outdoors and develop and print them in another space, I use my studio to review photographs and group them into collections. My photographs are large in size and it’s great to have good lighting and enough space so I can stand back and review the effect of the print to see whether I’m happy with it.
I also use my studio space to work on other ways to use my photographs. I cut my prints into shapes and construct collages from them; I apply various artist materials on top of the ink surface of the prints to create mixed media artworks; I create three-dimensional forms using the natural curl of the photographic paper; I experiment with unique display ideas for photographic work.


Artwork by Dottie Campbell

What drew you to the medium(s) that you are currently working with?

All of the media I’ve used in my career as an artist has a basis in photography. I have used the camera to collect ideas for painting, drawing, work with fiber, and work with metal. I returned to photography itself as a medium when technology allowed me to create the large prints I had always wanted to make.

What is something that you think is unique about your studio or practice?

My photographic work is a synthesis of the various art forms I have studied and explored. I approach photography as a multi-media artist.
Artwork by Dottie Campbell

What is one thing you love about being an artist in Baltimore?
I like all the interesting places I can find to photograph here, especially all the water.

What are you most excited about for this year’s Open Studio Tour?
I’m always excited to show my work for the year as a finished and cohesive group of photographs, and the Open Studio Tour provides me with that opportunity. My thanks to all the people who make the Open Studio Tour happen every year.
Artwork by Dottie Campbell

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