Goucher College presents Unnatural Nature Paul Jeanes: The Clearing through March 24:

Unnatural Nature features the work of seven local artists; Zoe Friedman, Stephanie Garmey, Clarissa Gregory, Christine Neill, Lynne Parks, Olivia Rodriguez, and Marcia Wolfson Ray. Each artist is inspired by nature in one way or another yet their work is far from natural. Showing in the Silber Gallery.

In The Clearing, Jeanes explores alchemical processes of corrosion, ablation, liquefaction, and stratification with a romantically incidental approach to creation. Each of his works are developed improvisationally, without a finalized compositional plan, while upwards of 25 layers of paint are individually applied and removed from each painting. Every layer is subsequently scraped across and into the canvas, which equalizes the surface so that a unified flattening occurs. Through this labor-intensive process of application and removal, he attempts to depict a kind of turbulent, chromatic atmosphere where shifting fragments and gestures are at once illuminated and obscured. Showing in the Rosenberg Art Gallery.