Hasan Elahi, Altitude Series, 2007

Thousand Little Brothers is the latest installation by Hasan Elahi. A former subject of an intensive FBI investigation post 9/11, Hasan Elahi developed tracker to disclose every bit of information about him. The project is comprised of over 50,000 images collected over a year period along with screenshots of his financial data, communications records, and transportation logs.

This multimedia exhibition builds on a series of installations, performances, and websites that use Elahi’s self-surveillance to critique contemporary investigative techniques. A second innovation in this work is its embrace of surveillance for its subject’s own protection; Elahi has protected himself from unwanted scrutiny by making his entire life and whereabouts publicly accessible.

Elahi’s work examines issues of surveillance, simulated time, transport systems, and borders.  The Thousand Little Brothers exhibit employs the use of multiple cameras, televisions, and audio –  immersing the viewers’ pseudo-voyeuristic behaviors and observational obsessions. Elahi also draws inspiration from each space that he exhibits in.  MAP is located in a highly touristic area of Baltimore and is also adjacent to the Baltimore Police Department and “The Block,” Baltimore’s red light district.  This location will play a role in the exhibition outcome.

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 24, 6-8pm
Maryland Art Place
8 Market Place, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21202

601 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD
Jan 9th, 6pm 

From the press release:
“My goal was to create paintings that could have an interactive element and engage people. The show is both a nod to the popular photo-sharing application as well as an exercise in using the smart phone as a planning tool, somewhat like a traditional sketchbook,” said Nicklas.

Nicklas has hung eighteen new paintings and will hold an opening reception at the popular Fort Avenue bar/restaurant on Wednesday January 9th at 6pm. This is Nicklas’ second solo show at Captain Larry’s.

A teacher at Lansdowne High School and CCBC, Nicklas was recognized as Baltimore County Public School’s Career Art Teacher of the year for 2012-2013. “Its a funny thing to be recognized for the year in advance, so I’m trying to live up to the honor,” said Nicklas who also plans to return to both Baltimore’s Kinetic Sculpture Race and 48 Hour Film Festival in the spring.

Aintstagram may not be created with a cell phone camera but the show does not try to hide its alliance with the Instagram Ap. The show is intended to look like an Instagram profile on a much larger scale. It utilizes the square, three-column grid format, the limited set of colors found when using simple filters and the somewhat random nature of collected subjects.

All of the paintings are created on found wood using remnant house paints adding a sense of utilizing what’s at hand like a photographer might when encountering a great subject without a digital SLR. The paintings can be linked to their source photos, by searching Instagram for the hashtag #aintstagram. Nicklas hopes that, “people find it fun to look up the photos and leave comments on images associated with the paintings, then get inspired to take some home!”