New Zoning Code Benefits Arts Enterprises

The Baltimore City Zoning Code has been updated and is in the process of being approved by the City Council and the Mayor.  Here are the changes that make a difference to the arts community specifically..

    • New industrial mixed use zoning allows for reuse of loft buildings for artist live/work space.
    • Expansion of art galleries and studios as a permitted use in commercial areas.
    • Opportunities for art galleries and studios to locate in former corner store and church buildings in residential areas with conditional use approval.
    • Improved definitions for arts uses that clearly differentiate between industrial and non-industrial uses.
    • Recent changes to where live entertainment is permitted will remain unchanged, with live entertainment allowed in all commercial areas but requiring conditional use approval in our main street and community commercial districts closest to residential neighborhoods.
    • New neighborhood business and entertainment zone encourages live entertainment in our historic district of Fell’s Point Main Street.

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