Gallery Network

The Artscape Gallery Network provides art lovers with an extended opportunity to enjoy Baltimore’s talented artists before, during, and after the festival weekend. The Gallery Network connects Baltimore galleries to a wider audience through a promotional campaign. Gallery Network exhibitions will highlight 2016 Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize applicants, along with artists working throughout the region. The Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Prize is held in conjunction with the annual Artscape juried exhibition and is produced by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts.


2016 Participating Galleries:

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower Gallery

21 S Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Minas Konsolas: Recent Work

Reception: June 9, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Exhibition: June 3 – September 10


Center for the Arts Gallery

7700 Osler Dr, Towson, MD 21204

Mission Universe: A Curanaut’s Journey

Reception: July 9, 2-4pm

Exhibition: July 9 – August 6

Curators: Susan Isaacs, PhD and Erin Lehman, PhD

Artists: Margaret Adams, Benjamin Andrew*, Chris Bathgate, Amy Boone-McCreesh, Susie Brandt,  L.E. Doughtie, Anna Fine-Foer, Todd Forsgren, Stephen Hendee, Ito Kei, Jonathan Latiano, David Marion, Brandon Morse, Fred Scharmen, Yambe Tam



[cur-a-nawt, -not]

A CURANAUT is a person trained by the universe(ity) to command, pilot, or serve as an artistic traffic director for an exhibition.  

A curanaut’s mission is to explore the far reaches of the art universe, and it is one of the great adventures of all time. No gallery or museum which expects to be the leader of other art spaces can lag behind in the race for the exhibition of art. We at Towson University’s National Artistic Space Administration (NASA) choose to make this journey. We choose to travel this path not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because that goal will serve to measure the best of our energies and creativity, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to pursue. We display art at a university (Towson) noted for knowledge, in a city (Baltimore) noted for progress, in a State (Maryland) noted for strength, and we stand in need of all three, for we meet in an hour of change and challenge, in a decade of hope and fear, in an age of both knowledge and ignorance. If this exhibition, Mission Universe, teaches us anything, it is that human beings, in their quest for knowledge and progress, are determined and cannot be deterred from making art and curanauts cannot be stopped from displaying art.*

*Part of this text may or may not have been taken from President John F. Kennedy’s Moon Speech, September 12, 1962.


Creative Alliance at The Patterson

3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Mattye Hamilton & Kate Norris: RESPLENDENT

Curator: Jeremy Stern

Reception: July 8, 6-8pm

Exhibition: July 8 – July 30

Artists: Mattye Hamilton* and Kate Norris

Description: Creative Alliance proudly presents the two person exhibition RESPLENDENT by artists Mattye Hamilton & Kate Norris from July 8 – 30, 2016 in the Amalie Rothschild Gallery on the Creative Alliance’s second floor. While the two artists work in the visually diverse formats of figurative and abstract painting, they are united by a shared inspiration of nature and its bounty of patterns and textures. Hamilton uses luscious, unexpected combinations of color, pattern, and line, infusing her work with equal measures of nature and style. She balances this against the placement of figures. Norris examines the relationship between realism and abstraction and their dual processes using nature as a touchstone.

Mattye Hamilton is a painter and printmaker living in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1994. Hamilton’s work has been exhibited throughout Baltimore, including at Jordan Faye Contemporary, Fleckenstein Gallery, Minas Gallery, Patrick Sutton Home and Artique Underground. Her works have also been published in several magazines, including Shape, MS, and Baltimore Magazine. Norris received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and her BA from Stanford University. Her work has been shown in New York, Baltimore, Tampa and the San Francisco Bay area. Both artists live and work in Maryland.



Crystal Moll Gallery

1030 South Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

4 Fine Artists

Curator: Day Watts

Reception: August 6, 4-7pm & September 15, 6-8pm

Exhibition: July 3 – September 30

Artists: Jill Basham, Tim Bell, David Diaz, Palden Hamilton, Tim Kelly, Lynn Metha, Crystal Moll*

Description: Summer Plein Air Show


Current Space

421 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Existence and Properties are Inferred

Reception: July 9, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 9 – July 31

Artists: Jonathan Latiano*

Description: Existence and Properties are Inferred is an immersive installation sculpture intended to challenge the viewer’s visual and tactile perceptions of physical space. Through the viewer’s own intimate experience the artwork and the environment it creates, Existence and Properties are Inferred aims to amplify perspective perceptions of time, presence and hyper-awareness.


Fleckenstein Gallery

3316 Keswick Rd

Nature, 3 Ways

Curator: Terrie Fleckenstein

Reception: June 4, 5-8pm

Exhibition: June 4 – August 20

Artists: Karen Klinedinst*, Leslie Shellow*, Pamela Wesolek

Description: Three artists’ impressions of the natural world.


Full Circle Gallery

33 E 21st St, Baltimore, MD 21218

Analog Dialogue

Curators: Ajay Malghan and Brian P. Miller

Reception: June 25, 5-8pm

Artists: Tatiana Gulenkina*, Amy Finkelstein*, Kei Ito

Description: Darkrooms still prove magnificent caves of mystery with three photographic artists who are connected through their use of  chromogenic printing. The dialogue between these artists’ work describes how process is critical to form. Here, the language of optical photographic exposures on paper speak of experimentation, technical exactitude, and still new ways of utilizing non-digital photographic materials. Within this experiential topography, these artists draw on such concepts as personal history and bodily rhythms, the intuitive states of the creative process, and the choreography of creation in art making.


Galerie Myrtis

2224 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218

To Be Black in White America

Curator: Aden Weisel

Reception: June 25, 4-6pm & July 15-17, 12-6pm

Exhibition: June 25 – July 30

Artists: Wesley Clark, Linda Day Clark, Larry Cook*, Oletha DeVane*, Nehemiah Dixon III, Susan Goldman, Curlee Holton, Wayson R. Jones, Jeffrey Kent, Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Stephen Twons*

Description: To Be Black in White America explores the politicization of the Black Identity in the United States. From legalized slavery to the most recent, hateful thing that Donald Trump said, the United States has been the site of a minority desperately and diligently fighting against a White power structure for equality throughout the nation’s relatively short history.
Social media is full of people asking if we are back in the 1950s or ‘60s. The truth is that we never left the Civil Rights Era completely in the past. Institutional racism and personal vitriol—which we have seen plenty of during the presidential campaigns—have always been present. They crop up when vile words provoke violence or when an act of violence incites protests.

The Gallery at CCBC Catonsville

800 S Rolling Rd, Baltimore, MD 21228

Flow: Inward, Outward

Curator: Devaul Davis

Reception: July 8, 6-8pm

Exhibition: July 5 – September 24

Artists: Brandon Morse*, Rachel Rosenberg*, Leslie Shellow*,  Peter Stern*, Bill Wolf*

Description: Flow is physically exemplified with the movement of objects through space or it can be streamed through one’s mind via sight. Sometimes we become absorbed in the act to the point our emotions are heightened to create a positive effect of ultimate satisfaction. There is the constant flow of movement surrounding us daily as we journey life’s pathway. What we react to may pull us closer, inward to examine the object or illusion that affects us. On the other hand, one’s reaction may propel an observer to another level, expanding one’s mind and values. Through the use of organic shapes, linear curves, straight lines, and visionary illusions, these artists have created movement that flows – inward and outward.


The Gallery at CCBC Essex

7201 Rossville Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21237

Love Me, Delete Me

Curator: Anoushe Shojae-Chaghorvand

Reception: July 22, 6-8pm

Exhibition: June 13 – September 10

Artists: Stephanie Barber*, Kellian Barnes, Zoe Burke, Matt DeLong*, Marilie Else, Taha Heydari*, Mark Iosifescu, Dina Kelberman*, Alexandra Macchi*, Joshua Sender*, Julia Smith*, Xavier Valentine

Description: Love Me, Delete Me deals with very real situations and relationships that almost everyone deals with in this teched out world of 2016, It is a show about the digital landscape we currently live in and how we are like temporary holograms trying to connect with each space our light shines or our attention is directed to. We are hyper connected to one another with social media, texting, and etc.; we are always subject to different forms of communication. This causes us to be constantly waiting for a response to the transmission we put out. If someone doesn’t respond immediately it seems to mean there is no one listening or we are being left behind in the other’s consciousness. This is the meat of the show, this very highly sensitive climate of social interaction, where response and immediacy is demanded at all times. For example you are around strangers on the train, in your class, at your job, or at the store and you realize no one is trying to text you or text you back or fails to respond to your post on a social media site eludes to this feeling of isolation or being alone. This very intense rate of hyper connectivity creates these quick rate cascades of emotion due to the nature of the immediacy of social media. “They haven’t texted me back to a text I sent five minutes ago, did I say something wrong?” Never ending sexts from someone you barely know and being into the act because you are physically turned on transcends to blocking them the next day because of the idea that you engaged in something so personal with someone you barely know repulses you. These people on these other ends of the communication grid seem to not be actual because we cannot physically reach out and touch them, however, we greatly depend on their ambiguous presence in our lives.

Goya Contemporary Gallery

3000 Chestnut Ave, Mill #214, Baltimore, MD 21211

Generations: Joyce J. Scott & Sonya Clark

Curator: Amy Eva Raehse

Reception: May 18, 6-8pm

Exhibition: May 18 – July 1

Artists: Sonya Clark, Joyce J. Scott*

Description: Goya Contemporary is pleased to announce a landmark exhibition tracing the remarkable development of two African American female artists from different generations, each with her own voice and vision, yet each connected through overlapping themes, experiences, and histories.  Individually striving for political and social change, the artists in  Generations have varying references and understandings of what it means to make politically charged work based on the events of her time.   Younger artists look to the past as much as their senior counterparts look to the future, demonstrating that the conversation in total is  circular: a loop of intellectual exchange. Generations explores how each artist’s African American, Female identity influenced her practice, and how each has passed something to, or has taken something from, the generations who came before and after.


Hamilton Gallery // Hamilton Arts Collective

5502 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214


Curator: Bridget Z. Sullivan

Reception: July 1, 5-9pm

Exhibition: July 1 – August 28

Artists: Jude Asher, Ron Cohn, Donna DiSciullo, Ned Epps, Marcus Dagold, Amy Klainer*, Ania Milo, Charles Mens, Lynn Poshepny, Theresa Reuter, Valerie Smith*, Grace Sweeney*, Maxine Taylor*, Bridget Z. Sullivan*, Richard Sullivan, Linnea Tober, Alex Vanicky

Description: Obstructions can be a metaphor for almost anything that creates barriers in our lives or experiences. Through their art practices, artists seek to break through or clear out encountered obstructions. Hamilton Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Unobstructed” featuring the work of Amy Klainer, Valerie Smith, Grace Sweeney, Maxine Taylor, Bridget Z. Sullivan and the artist members of Hamilton Gallery. This exhibition explores the artists’ unobstructed views or goals – the artists’ unique point of reference coupled with their distinct interpretation.


ICA Baltimore

440 E Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Margaret Rogers: New Works

Reception: July 8, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 8 – July 29

Artists: Margaret Rogers*

Description: A solo exhibition of sculptural work by Margaret Rogers.


Make Studio

Schwing Art Center, 3326 Keswick Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211

Characters Welcome

Curator: Kristin McWharter

Reception: August 5, 6-9pm

Exhibition: August 4 – August 20

Artists: Make Studio program artists, Nancy Hotchkiss, Kristin McWharter*

Description: This exhibition will highlight narrative works based on found material manipulations, and/or employing nontraditional surfaces, by a selection of Make Studio’s 25+ studio program artists and invited guest artists from Baltimore and beyond. The focal point of the exhibition will be an installation by artist Kristin McWharter assembled from a number of the collaborating artists’ works. Visitors will experience a re-envisioned take on character-driven storytelling, as they navigate the interweaving narratives that form the exhibition. McWharter and Make Studio will partner with Baltimore SCRAP ( for community art making events accompanying this exhibition.



126 N Madeira St, Baltimore, MD 21231


Curator: Maxine Taylor

Reception: July 8, 5-8pm

Exhibition: July 8 – July 30

Artists: Jerome Chester, Kini Collins, Alexis Dixon, A Friend, Ronald Rucker, Peter Smith, Maxine Taylor*


Life After Boring Studios

1720 Saint Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Postcards From Baltimore

Curator: Joseph Faura, Brittney Elizabeth Williams, Tori McReynolds, Jaimes Mayhew

Reception: July 18, 5-9pm

Exhibition: July 1 – June 30


Rosenberg Gallery

Goucher College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson, MD 21204

Kate MacKinnon: Maximum Value

Curator: Laura Amussen

Reception: July 21, 6-9pm

Exhibition: June 14 – August 14

Artists: Kate MacKinnon*

Description: Kate MacKinnon builds paintings out of thin layers of transparent glaze. This process produces luminous color and a richness of surface that references industrial finishes. For the past several years MacKinnon has been observing the activity of Solar Cycle 24; studying online satellite images of solar flares, and reading about any resulting geomagnetic storms that could bring about the appearance of the auroras. Contrasting the raw, fiery power of the sun with the cool calm beauty of the auroras is important to the color story she is creating. Maximum value in a cycle is the extreme periphery of transition and change. It is the cataclysmic moment just before normalcy returns. As with most of her work, this project has eventually become autobiographical. MacKinnon feels the external phenomena starts to align with the internal rhythm of her own experience.


School 33 Art Center

1427 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Small Victories

José Ruiz

Reception: July 1

Exhibition: July 1 – August 27


Silber Art Gallery

Goucher College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Towson, MD 21204

In My Likeness

Curator: Laura Amussen

Reception: July 21, 6-9pm

Exhibition: June 21 – August 14

Artists: Mequitta Ahuja*, Michelle Dickson*, Kyle Hackett, Sheldon Scott, Alessandra Torres

Description: In My Likeness brings together five contemporary artists from the Baltimore/ Washington DC area each of whom feature themselves as the subject in their works. Through sculpture, painting, performance, photography, and video, the artists; Mequitta Ahuja, Michelle Dickson, Kyle Hackett, Sheldon Scott, and Alessandra Torres, explore different aspects of selfhood that are far removed from the typical self-portrait.



405 E Oliver St, Baltimore, MD 21202

‘sindikit #3

Reception: July 14, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 1 – August 20

Artists: Zimra Beiner*, Carolyn Case*, Cheeny Celebrado-Royer*, Cindy Cheng*

Description: ‘sindikit is a project space created to support experimental work and to promote practice-based research. We are thrilled to present a collaborative project by artists Cheeny Celebrado-Royer and Cindy Cheng after a month long residency at ‘sindikit.



502 W Franklin St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Colin Foster Solo Presentation

Curators: Hunter Bradley and Amelia Szpiech

Reception: July 9, 7-10pm

Exhibition: July 9 – August 6

Artists: Colin Foster*

Description: Springsteen is excited to present new work by Colin Foster in a solo presentation this summer. Foster’s work draws influence from objects’ and materials’ interaction with the mind, a study of the psycho-tactile. He is interested in activities and objects that induce a secondary conscious state, like sound of water or playing a game of solitaire.


Terrault Contemporary

1515 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21202


Curator: Carlyn Thomas

Reception: June 3, 7-10pm

Exhibition: June 3 – June 25

Artists: J. Alex Schecter*

Description: Fissural is an exploration of boundaries. Whether physical, temporal or political, these works examine the arbitrary divisions in natural landscapes. Drawing inspiration from political boundaries in the American West, these abstracted landscapes are carved from stacked and laminated wood. Their hills, grooves and valleys mimicking the tumult of the state where I was born. For me, they are intuitive miniaturization of the landscape of my youth, burnished terrains split by arbitrary lines. They are breaking and are broken. They are cared for. Their divisions point to loss, to empty space, but also to connection. The schism is the thing that holds them together, transitioning them from isolated forms to a connected group.

All of my work is about rules. Much like the scientific method, my process involves the investigation of phenomena, the acquiring new knowledge, and the correction of what is known. My process differs in that it does not favor the empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. The objects created are the products of experiments which aesthetic, emotional, and rational truths compete for primacy. Objects sit in between the spaces of architecture and sculpture, between functional, performative, and static. They fight against taxonomies that give us easy categorization. I want my work to push against itself, to contain contradictory conclusions, to be informed by research and spontaneity, by extensive planning as well as the improvisations of my hand.

There is a difference between seeing a thing and experiencing a thing. The creation of objects demands a concreteness and a physicality that is only understood through the sharing of space. There is truth gained in feeling the grain of wood. There is knowledge in bonded polymers, in soil, in house paint and in fabric. With objects, we experience an un-selfing; a moment of connection between the physicality of ourselves and the physicality of the other, a realization that we are bodies. The object-ness of my work seeks to ground the arbitrary nature of our cosmologies. It seeks to remind us of the rational tactility in an increasingly visual world.



Top of the World Observation Level Gallery

World Trade Center, 27th Floor, 401 E Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21202

Ripple Effect

Reception: June 16, 5:30 – 7:30pm

Exhibition: June 17 – September 25