Sentiments Winter Inspired Work December 2014 Call for Art
Mail Checks Attention to Erin McElroy, Lakeside Legacy Foundation
401 Country Club Road, Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Submit works that evoke emotion of the winter season, a memory of a gift received/opened or one you once gave. Reflections from a poem, word, or lyric/verse that captures the ‘sentiments’ of the season can be reflected in the submission to the ‘Winter Reflections/Sentiments’ call for art. One to three works from each applicant, applications will be juried and selected. The jury encourages artists to submit work(s) that express/interpret the theme through their own unique lens and definition of ‘Winter Sentiments’. We are looking for the exhibit to compliment the holiday season, winter months, and bring some warmth and happiness to the Lakeside Legacy Foundation. Entry deadline is October 27th.

All two dimensional works are encouraged, mediums may be varied. Artists should be aware that there are considerable Holiday decorations such as trees, garland, and plants. No decorations will cover work, but will be throughout the historic property. The Sage Gallery at Lakeside is located within the 1922 annex (once the original country club) now the arts park main gallery.

Accepted work will be a part of the December 5th First Friday from 5pm-8pm. The exhibit will be publicly displayed from December 5th – 22nd. This juried exhibit joins a time honored Christmas at the Dole holiday experience on December 5th that boasts attendance between 300-500 people.

This gallery opening on 12/5/14 includes complimentary appetizers provided to guests by Lakeside Legacy Foundation and a cash bar. Lakeside jointly markets with all accepted artists to promote this event. Marketing includes press releases, fliers, social media, postcards, etc. Each individual artist is expected to co-promote the event. Art sales are encouraged and the installation agreement details the 30% commission to Lakeside on any art sale. Sales tax is added to the final price of the art, and artist must submit pricing that includes the 30% commission amount. The application fee is $30 non-refundable fee. All accepted artists are required to complete a gallery agreement/contract and hold harmless. Artists who sell work must fill out a W9 form before art sales payment checks will be issued. Lakeside Legacy Foundation can take cash, check and credit cards for art sales.

Applications require 1-3 works of 2D art. Jury must receive the actual images you want reviewed for the showcase. Please submit professional/high resolution images for the jury to review. JPG must be titled, include actual dimension of work, and accurate orientation of the image. Original work, no prints.

Artist Guidelines

·         Lakeside works with rotating sets of jurors to choose work for each event. Incomplete entries will not be considered nor refunded.

·         Entry fee is nonrefundable or transferable.

·         Accepted works must be hand delivered Lakeside Legacy.

·         Foundation accepts no responsibility for unpacking. No shipments will be received.

·         The artwork installation date for accepted artists is Monday, December 1st from 9am-5pm.  Lakeside will work in conjunction with the artist to install work.

·         The take down date is Monday, December 22nd from 9am-5pm and artists will pick up their work at Lakeside. If artwork is not picked up by the agreed upon date a $75 storage fee per day will be assessed.

·         Work must come prepared and ready to install. Prepared work must be framed and wired (no saw tooth).

·         If not framed, mounted and matted and wired on the back.

·         A label must be affixed to the back of the artwork with the artist’s name, work title, and sale price.

·         Artwork must be professionally presented.

·         Title card should be on card stock no larger than 4in. x 4in.

·         Artists must also include a printed artist statement presentation ready. Can be printed on card stock or framed/mounted. Artist statement can’t be larger than 8in x10in.

·         Please provide any special hanging requirements

·         “1st  Fridays” and the curator reserve the right to reject any artwork that is deemed unsuitable including but not exclusive of work not ready to hang, unprofessional presentation, concern for condition of the piece, representation different than jpg or space availability.

·         Additional artist insights, quotes, or inspirations, business cards, or exhibit theme descriptions can be framed, mounted, and included into the exhibit if mutually agreed upon by Artist and Lakeside representative.

·         The Sage Gallery system is the Walker Hanging System.

·         Please download the floor plan site system to review the gallery walls and hanging system examples.

·         Substitutions of artwork are not allowed.

·         All accepted work that is for sale will be subject to a 30% commission if sold. Artists must submit at W9 before any sales checks will be issued. If not for sale, a title card must be included that states the work is not for sale or a part of a private collection.

·         Accepted artists must provide a price sheet that includes the title of the piece, size, and cost including the 30% commission fee.

·         Although “1st  Fridays”  and Lakeside Legacy Foundation will make every reasonable effort to protect your work while it is in our possession, we are not legally responsible for it. Therefore, please consider insuring your work while it is in our possession.

·         Submitted artwork may be used for exhibition purposes and publicity.

·         Artists are encouraged to attend the 12/5/14 art show from 5pm-8pm, market the event, and if unable to attend send a representative to the art show.

·         Accepted artists must sign a gallery agreement and hold harmless form that outlines exhibit specific information, guidelines, and details about the First Friday art show and installation and art take-down.

·         Artists are responsible for insuring their own work and/or equipment, taking down their own work, and providing labels/artist statement for their work.

·         Artist to accept full and total responsibility for all items/entries and agree to hold harmless the Lakeside Legacy Foundation, its officers, directors, sponsors, patrons, tenants, volunteers and its individual members from any liability or responsibility for any damage or loss to my person or any and all artwork submitted by the artist and so exhibited or in any way connected with the First Friday art show or the timeframe the work in on display.

·         USE OF NAME APPROVAL: Artist must submit, prior to use, proofs for any/all materials where the Legacy name and/or logo is used to market Artist show, exhibit, art sales of First Friday art show. Legacy will supply digital art and strict guidelines for its use, upon request.

·          A cancellation will result in a $30 fee to Lakeside Legacy Foundation. I have read this Agreement. I understand my responsibilities and agree to the conditions stated herein and on any required Addendum to this Agreement. A cancellation my also result in the artist being unable to apply to showcase for future events or art shows.



Houston Center for Photography: 2015 Fellowship Exhibition Call for Entry
Houston Center for Photography
1441 West Alabama
Houston, TX 77006


2015 FELLOWSHIPS CALL FOR ENTRIES Juried by Paul Kopeikin, Owner, Kopeikin Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) Deadline is October 24, 2014 at midnight. Two fellowship recipients will be awarded $3,000 each and a solo exhibition at HCP in the summer of 2015. One Houston-based artist (residing within a 100 mile radius of Houston including the Beaumont, Galveston, and College Station areas) will receive the Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship and another artist from anywhere in the world, outside the Houston area, will receive the HCP Fellowship. Paul Kopeikin, Owner, Kopeikin Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) will jury the fellowship selection.


MEMBERSHIP FEE: Starting at $35


All Entrants must be, or become, HCP members at the time of submission.

JUROR Paul Kopeikin

ELIGIBILITY: – Participants must be or become HCP members (any level) at the time of submission. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A MEMBER OF HCP (REQUIRED FOR SUBMISSION).

The competition is open to all artists working in photographic and lens-based work. – Any photographic process is acceptable as long as it is:

  • Original work
  • The body of work is still in development within the last two years
  • The body of work submitted as a whole has not been exhibited in a previous HCP Exhibition.

FEES: There is a $35 entry, which includes entry for 10 images or video. The maximum number of images artist can submit is 10. You are not required to submit 10 images. You may submit more than one entry. Each entry is $35.

RULES FOR ENTRY: – All submissions will go through CALLFORENTRY.ORG, you can create a free account – Entrants should upload up to 10 images or videos, an artist statement, and a resume/bio – Acceptance will be based on the body of work by each artist rather than on individual images.


STEP 1. Verify your HCP Membership If you are a member but do not know your membership number please contact Sinai Tirado at 713-529-4755 x16 or sinai@hcponline.org If you are not a member of HCP you can become one online HERE YOU MUST BE AN HCP MEMBER TO COMPLETE YOUR SUBMISSION!

STEP 2. Prepare your images and all related texts. Carefully edit a group of no more than 10 images or videos that describe your current lens-based work. Images should be 72 dpi and larger than 1920 px. You will also need to have the following information available:

a. an artist statement

b. a resume, c/v, or bio

c. specific information for each piece: Title (for identification purposes) Year of exposure Size (height X width) Medium of finished work (inkjet print, chromogenic print, etc.) Pricing (estimate of final print value)

STEP 3. Uploading Images and text to CALLFORENTRY.ORG Create a free account on callforentry.org or log in to an existing account to upload your images and text. Upload images to My Profile.

STEP 4. Apply to Houston Center for Photography’s call for entry

a. log on to callforentry.org and make sure you are logged into your profile

b. on the top tool bar click Apply to Calls

c. scroll through the list to find Houston Center for Photography (it is set default to sort alphabetically so we should be almost halfway down the page)


e. accept the agreement for submission

f. Copy/Paste all text (Artist Statement, Resume, CV) into appropriate text boxes

g. Answer the remaining questions (you will need your membership number)

h. Add the images from your profile you would like to submit for this call for entry

i. Save your application

j. Complete your submission

STEP 5. Submit and Payment Confirm that you are a member of HCP. If you are unsure of your membership please email info@hcponline.org. If you are not currently a member of HCP please sign up for a membership HERE before completing your submission. We will contact all non-members at the close of the call and notify them that their submissions will be ineligible for selection and will not be included in the submissions reviewed by the Juror. After you receive an email receipt of payment, your submission process is complete.

NOTIFICATION OF RETURN: Applicants will be notified by DECEMBER 12, 2014. HCP retains the right to reject any selected work that differs from the work submitted.

LIABILITY & AGREEMENT: Works will be insured while on the premises of HCP. However, HCP cannot be responsible for damage or loss during transit. HCP retains the right to display and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes. – Exhibiting artists pay for round-trip shipping of their work. Please do not ship work with packaging ‘peanuts.’ – Upon your acceptance, the work to be exhibited must be delivered ready-to-hang, and any pedestals or hardware needed for installation of the work. We require Black or White wood frames and bright white matting if applicable. – Artists exhibiting slide or video projection, installation or sculptural works beyond a two dimensional format must provide the hardware and equipment necessary to exhibit the work as it is intended to be shown. HCP does not provide slide or video projectors. – Your entry constitutes understanding and agreement with the conditions outlined in this prospectus. – HCP Memberships are non-refundable – HCP entry fees are non refundable after jurying begins

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS TO HCP INCLUDE: Subscription to Spot, discounts on workshops, and educational programs, access to members-only portfolio reviews, invitations to receptions, lectures, tours and special events. Membership also includes discounts at Connections program institutions and on Aperture magazine. Members have the opportunity to enter our other calls for entry, including HCP’s Annual Membership Exhibition (entry fee not included).


Applicant Submission Deadline: OCTOBER 24, 2014

Applicant Notifications Sent: DECEMBER 12, 2014

Exhibition Dates: MAY 1 – JULY 5, 2015

Opening Reception: FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2015, 6 – 8 P.M.

FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR SUBMISSION PLEASE CONTACT: Caroline Docwra, Programs Coordinator 713-529-4755 x15 exhibits@hcponline.org

TO VERIFY MEMBERSHIP PLEASE CONTACT: Sinai Tirado, Membership Coordinator, 713-529-4755 x16 sinai@hcponline.org

Congratulations to community artist Iandry Randriamondroso on the successful completion of his B’MORE Birds project!

Over the course of the last several months, Iandry has worked closely with residents of the communities along the York Road corridor between Glenwood and 43rd street to create a series of five murals depicting native birds of the Govans forest patches. Last Friday, BOPA joined corridor residents, York Road Partnership, Govanstowne Business Association, Loyola York Road Initiative, Councilman Bill Henry and the Department of Transportation in celebrating Iandry’s work.

York Rd Mural Celebraition 002 York Rd Mural Celebraition 004 York Rd Mural Celebraition 018


Rileys Beauty

The Oriole

4331 York Road

Baltimore Orioles are bright orange birds with black and white wings that sound almost as beautiful as they look. Their smooth, whistling songs are commonly heard in orchards, backyards, and gardens. Baltimore Orioles mostly eat insects and fruit, such as raspberries and mulberries. Their sturdy, hammock-like nests are suspended from branches high in trees, woven together with grasses, hair, spider webs, twine, and wool.

Gomez Tires 2

The Cedar Waxwing

4811 York Road

Cedar Waxwings are bold colored birds with rusty brown bodies, black face masks, and orange or yellow wax-tipped tails. They are often found in flocks, filling themselves with berries from a variety of plants, such as mulberry trees and honeysuckle shrubs. They are common in residential areas, staying in Maryland all year round.

Afrik Salon

The Red-bellied Woodpecker

5017 York Road

Red-bellied Woodpeckers are common woodpeckers found in wooded areas that have a red cap, black wings, and a warm beige belly. Their large black bill is used for drilling into dead wood to pull out insects and larvae with their barbed tongues. They also drill cavities inside dead trees to lay 2-6 eggs and raise their young over a month-long period.

Academy Cleaners - South Wall

The Blue Jay

5219 York Road

Blue Jays are the local noisy neighbors in wooded residential areas, with their loud jaaaaay calls that easily distinguish them. They are pale to bright blue and white birds that eat a variety of insects, nuts, and seeds. They also sometimes eat eggs from other birds’ nests and are aggressive at the local bird feeder. Blue Jay eggs are blue to light brown, within nests placed approximately 20 feet above ground in trees.

York Rd Mural Celebraition 016

The Black-and-White Warbler

5219 York Road

Black-and-white Warblers are small, black and white striped birds that live in forests. Often seen creeping along tree branches, they eat a variety of insect larvae hidden in the wood, along with ants and beetles. They spend the winter months in Mexico and migrate up to Maryland to breed in the summer, building well-hidden nests on the ground near tree trunks.

This project was made possible by funding from the Baltimore City Department of Transportation as part of Baltimore’s 1% for Public Art Program




Last week, Bloomberg Philanthropies announced their commitment to invest up to $1 million in three cities in support of innovative, temporary public art projects that enhance quality of life.

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts is now accepting proposals to represent Baltimore City in the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge.

As Baltimore City’s designated Arts Council, the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts strives to make Baltimore a more creative and vibrant city.  The Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge represents a remarkable opportunity for the City of Baltimore.  Each city may enter only one application, which must be submitted by the Mayor and represent a collaboration between the City and an artist and/or arts organization. At least three cities will receive up to $1 million each over two years to support temporary art projects that:

  • Celebrate creativity
  • Enhance urban identity
  • Encourage public/private partnerships
  • Drive economic development

Submissions are encouraged from all artistic disciplines including multi-media, visual and performing arts.  Projects may be new ideas, or in development and have not yet been realized.

Successful applicants will:

  • Bring people together to experience public places in dynamic and transformative ways
  • Demonstrate close collaboration between artists, arts organizations and cities
  • Establish robust public/private partnerships between local government and other funders

Selection criteria include:

  • Excellent, innovative public art project
  • Potential for positive impact on Baltimore City
  • Evidence of technical feasibility of the project idea and its implementation (i.e. staff, consultants, fabricators, engineers, strategy for regulatory approvals, etc.)
  • Appropriate budget and capacity to leverage other sources of support
  • Strong marketing and audience engagement strategy
  • Commitment to evaluating outcomes

Up to five proposals will be selected by a representative of the Mayor’s office and two additional jurors to be designated by the Mayor.  The finalists will be notified by Friday, November 14 and asked to prepare additional information. These proposals will then be presented to the public at a date, time and location to be announced.  The jurors will make a recommendation to the Mayor as to the project to be submitted.  The Mayor will make the final decision.

DEADLINE: Monday, November 3, 2014 – 9:00am

NOTIFICATION: Friday, November 14



Applications must be submitted via email to: Krista Green, Assistant Cultural Affairs Director at kgreen@promotionandarts.org



Gallery 110: 5th Annual Juried Exhibition
Gallery 110
110 3rd Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98104


CALL FOR ENTRIES Fifth Annual Juried Exhibition February 5– 28, 2015 Gallery 110’s annual juried exhibition will showcase work by emerging and established artists. Our gallery location and reputation offer Artists exposure to professional reviews, access to Seattle’s Pioneer Square gallery district and First Thursday Art Walk.

JUROR: Scott Lawrimore is the first Director of the University of Washington’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery. Lawrimore is responsible for the development and presentation of the Galley’s programs and exhibitions and is also a part-time lecturer. Before working at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Lawrimore was the Deputy Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Frye Art Museum, has worked with Art Access Magazine, Foster/White Gallery, Davidson Galleries, and Greg Kucera Gallery before opening his own space, Lawrimore Project, in 2006.

Finalists’ works will be displayed at the gallery from February 5 through February 28, 2015. The juror will award first, second and third place awards, for which the artists will receive $500, $300 and $200, respectively.

ELIGIBILTY: This international juried show is open to all artists over 18 years of age. Artwork may be in any two or three dimensional media and must be original works of art by the artist submitting the entry. Works requiring electrical outlets (e.g. video, neon, sound, lightboxes) are not eligible.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Midnight (MT) October 22, 2014. FEES: The fee is $35 for 3 entries. Add $10 for each additional piece. Payment must be in US dollars. Entry fees are non-refundable.

CONDITIONS AND RULES: Entries accepted for exhibition must have a professional appearance. Two-dimensional artwork must be mounted with hanging wire and immediately ready for the wall. The gallery reserves the right not to hang accepted works if they are not presented in the format specified. Works on paper must be framed and protected under glass or Plexiglas. Artwork cannot weigh more than 35 pounds. Artists may not substitute another work for the accepted work. Entries must be for sale and priced with the intent to sell. A gallery commission of 50% will be deducted from sales. Artists grant permission to Gallery 110 to reproduce accepted artwork for promotional uses in both printed and electronic forms.

NOTIFICATIONS: A list of finalists will be posted on our gallery website in early December 2014. Finalists will be notified by email. Artists whose work has been selected will be responsible for the framing and delivery of work to Gallery 110 by January 28, 2015, 5 pm. The gallery is open to accept deliveries during normal gallery hours. Late deliveries, for any reason, will not be accepted. Shipping, delivery, and return instructions will be provided with the acceptance notification. Delivery and return shipping charges, and insurance are the artist’s responsibility.


  • October 22, 2014 Deadline for entries. December 4, 2014 Notifications emailed.
  • January 28, 2015 Deadline for receipt of shipped artwork.
  • January 31, 5 PM Deadline for artwork hand delivered to Gallery. Gallery hours: Wed. – Sat., 12 – 5 pm.
  • February 5 Seattle’s First Thursday Art Walk.
  • February 7 Artist Reception and Awards, 5-8pm. February 28 Exhibition closes.
  • March 4 Pick up hand delivered artwork. Shipped work returned within 2 weeks.

ENTER ONLINE:  Use www.callforentry.org to upload images and pay fees. To prepare your images for uploading, please adhere to the file specifications found on www.callforentry.org under CAFÉ HELP.

QUESTIONS: Email juriedshow@gallery110.com or call our gallery director at 206-624-9336, noon-5pm, W-F.


The Grit Fund supports unincorporated and collaborative artist-organized activity that contributes significantly to Baltimore’s arts landscape but seldom qualifies for traditional funding. Established with generous support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the Grit Fund expands Warhol’s Regional Regranting Program to the Mid-Atlantic, encouraging projects that generate opportunities and create platforms for artists to engage with each other and with the public. Funded activities could include but are not limited to: exhibitions, publications, public events, public art, film screenings, the ongoing work of an existing arts venue or collective, and the founding of a new arts venue or collective.

The Grit Fund, which will be administered by The Contemporary starting in January 2015, provides 8-12 grants in amounts between $1,000–$6,000, totaling $50,000 annually. The Grit Fund will accept proposals from non-incorporated, artist-organized initiatives that work collaboratively and reside in Baltimore City or Baltimore County. Projects must take place in either Baltimore City or Baltimore County and be accessible to the general public. The Contemporary’s mission is inspired by three guiding principles: artists matter, collaboration is key, and audience is everywhere. In keeping with this mission, the Grit Fund values risk-taking, encourages collaboration, and seeks to expand points of access to contemporary art.

Application guidelines will be available to the public on November 24th. Submissions will open January 12th and awardees will be announced April 22nd. Grantees will be selected by a panel comprised of local and national artists and arts professionals. The staff of The Contemporary will not influence granting decisions.

Please direct all inquiries to gritfund@contemporary.org.




Dab Art Hosts: 2014 International Juried Show at the Hud Gallery
1793 East Main Street
Ventura, CA 93001


Images – Minimum: 3, Maximum: 15
Total Media – Minimum: 3, Maximum: 15

Entry Fee (Dab Art): $20.00
Media Fee (per sample over minimum): $5.00

Dab Art’s juried shows invite artists from all over the globe to enter their best works for exhibition. Our jury of professional artists judge artwork based on technical application, originality and concept. Finalists will be invited to show their work in a six week exhibition. The top three artists will be awarded with cash prizes. Our gallery is housed in a vintage, 1930’s-era building in Ventura, California. The vaulted ceilings and suspended display walls create a unique and inspiring exhibition space. Our shows bring art enthusiasts and collectors from Los Angeles to the Central Coast looking to view and buy amazing art. Enter and see if you are the next to be a part of Dab Art!


All 2D and 3D artists are invited to enter. Audio and video entries will not be accepted.


All entries will be judged and scored by a panel of professional artists. The top 3 works selected by our judges will receive cash prizes.


Dab Art has selected a panel of professional artists to judge works based on technical skill, originality and concept. The current jurors are Nash Rightmer, Jonas Lara, Melissa Arellano, Rodrigo Aguilar, Cameron Hurdus and Yessíca Torres.

Important Dates

October 21st, 2014 10pm Pacific Time – Call Closes

October 24th, 2014 – Notification of Selected Artists (Notices will be sent via email)

November 11th, 2014 – Deadline for receiving all artwork. *Artists who choose to “Hand Deliver” their artwork must make delivery arrangements with Dab Art.

November 15th, 2014 – Opening Reception *Begins at 6pm.

December 22nd, 2014 – Exhibition Closes

December 29th, 2014 – All work will be repacked and shipped to artists. *Artists who choose to “Pick Up” their artwork must make prior arrangements with Dab Art.


Dab Art will retain 30% of all sales. All artwork that is accepted by Dab Art must be listed for sale.

For more information about Dab Art please visit www.dabart.me