The Charles Street Reconstruction Project includes new travel/parking pavement, sidewalk repavement, new curbs, signage, replanting of trees, new crosswalks, bike lanes, etc. on Charles Street between 25th Street and University Parkway. The most extensive of the planned renovation is proposed between 33rd Street and just north of 34th Street. An artist has been commissioned to engage the plaza being created on the east side of Charles between 33rd & 34th Streets with an artwork that is integrated into the landscape site work.

This piece, Optical Gardens, by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, an artist team from Seattle, Washington, is currently being install now and over the next few months, with a potential project completion date of August 2014. Optical Gardens is conceived as a platform that gives expression to unique natural and cultural characteristics of Charles Village, including its culture, community, built environment, natural environment, climate, and seasons.

Baltimore artist (and 2014 Sondheim Semifinalist) Sebastian Montorana was contracted to carve the “season rooms” and can be seen in pictures on site installing these elements.

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In an effort to promote bike-friendliness in Roanoke, VA, the city is getting its very own piece of intriguing cycling art in the form of a giant wooden comb.











In San Antonio, Texas, a duo of artists created a community gathering space with the installation of elegant chandeliers built out of recycled bicycle parts, transforming a dingy, dark freeway underpass into a rather charming space.


With strict regulations on murals only recently lifted in Los Angeles, you might think that the artists and public art facilitators who fought so hard to make murals legal again would be playing it safe to start. You would be wrong.  (via Hyperallergic)



From the Walters Art Museum’s ART BITES program last weekend, there is a new blog,, intended to function as a crowdsourced site to collect images of our city’s murals, sculptures, monuments and artworks and help to make them more accessible. More info to come soon but definitely worth taking a look at!


The City of Carlsbad seeks to commission an artist/artist team to design, fabricate and install a permanent piece of original art to be located in the center of a roundabout at the intersection of Carlsbad Blvd and State Street. The design of the roundabout is complete and the plans are being finalized. The project will begin construction in January and completion is expected by June 2014. The total project budget is $100,000, all inclusive of travel expenses, taxes and other project costs.

As a prominent gateway to the city, the public art element of the circle will enhance the cultural environment for Carlsbad visitors and residents. The roundabout is designed to improve the safety and connectivity of all modes of transportation at the intersection and across the Buena Vista Lagoon with a new trail, bikes lanes, and sidewalk to connect two cities (Carlsbad and Oceanside, CA).  The project site represents a significant entry location into the city.  It is expected that this artwork will become an important symbol welcoming residents and visitors to the community.

Location: Carlsbad, California

Click here for more information or to apply.

Submissions due by November 8, 2013.