Call for artwork by women/womyn artists, makers crafters, and designers of all gender identities and expressions using but not limited to traditional methods of sewing, textiles art, weaving, welding, woodworking, cold connections, and contemporary techniques e.g., laser cutting or digital design and fabrication.

The City of Baltimore is in the midst of a cultural renaissance. While artists’ studios, maker spaces, DIY workshops, and tech labs are proliferating in neighborhoods across the city, within these progressive working environments encouragement and support for marginalized groups may be lacking. To address these issues, a small group of like-minded people came together to form The Baltimore Women’s Maker Collective (BWMC), a growing, intersectional feminist group of artists, creative entrepreneurs, and craftspeople. The BWMC was recently awarded a Grit Fund Grant by The Contemporary, XXChange is able to expand the visibility of BWMC and celebrate the achievements of all people in the greater Baltimore region and beyond who are breaking gender and racial barriers. Through XXChange, we hope to build a creative exhibition and series of symposium style events that complement the community and conversations already taking place. This event will provide the arts community an opportunity to network with and inspire more self-identifying women interested in pursuing and/or participating in the fields of art, craft and technology. Artists selected for the exhibition are eligible for one of 15 honoraria awards of $100.

This application is open nation-wide and all are encouraged to apply

Submission Fee: $15.00.

Reception: First Friday, November 4, 5-8pm

Deadline for Applications: August 31


Thank you for your interest in participating in ArtSlope 2016!

The Submission Process:

  1. Fill out the following form.
  2. Hold the festival dates Sept. 17-25, 2016 for performances.
  3. A festival coordinator will contact you regarding your submission form.
  4. Your artwork will be matched with a venue.
  5. Be sure to promote your involvement and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

Important Dates: 

  • Exhibition Dates: September 17-25, 2016
  • Application deadline: July 31, 2016
  • Application notification date: By August 17th, 2016

Application Tips:

  • All applications must have a work sample. No exceptions.
  • Only digital submissions will be accepted.
  • For questions, see our FAQ page or email  artslope@parkslopeciviccouncil.org
  • Review and Download Full Guidelines and Application  here



Italian Street Painting
Little Italy, Baltimore
September 30- October 2, 2016


Name ___________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________ City___________________ State & Zip______________ Phone:_______________ Cell: ____________________


1. Artists under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present at the Festival.
2. Artists must submit 3-5 examples of their art (must be a JPEG or JPG with file name formatted as their first and last name_the title of that artwork, example: JaneDoe_Madonna and Child.jpg) in addition to a sketch of their intended mural for the festival (JaneDoe_MuralSketch.jpg) accompanied by a statement explaining their concept.
3. Artwork should be appropriate for all viewing ages.
4. Use only chalk pastels as a medium. NO paints, oils, gesso, liquid pastels or fixatives. Water is allowed.
5. Artists must allow organizers and media to photograph the design and/or artist for publicity purposes.
6. Artists will be courteous, friendly and helpful to fellow artists and members of the public.

7. All artist submissions to this call for entry are subject to approval or rejection by the Madonnari Arts Festival Curator.                                                                                                           8. The undersigned acknowledges and hereby forever discharges, releases and holds harmless the Organizers of the festival from any loss or damage to my person or property while participating in this event. By signing, the applicant certifies that all information provided is true and correct.

Signed: _____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian (if artist is under 18)________________________   Date_______________________________________

Strathmore Full view front _Under lights, 11/14/06, 5:09 PM, 16C, 3750x5905 (50.0/130.0), 62%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/20 s, R116.4, G101.2, B100.5


La Vie en Bleu
The 26th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition

The 26th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition celebrates La Vie en Bleu, or “life in blue,” and welcomes entries of original artwork in all mediums that take varying inspirations from the color blue. This exhibition seeks to explore blue interpretations of nature, color theory, emotion, and more.

Strathmore will be accepting submissions via this online form, where more information can be found.


This year marks the second year of LabBodies Performance Art: Review Borders Boundaries and Barricades. In between July 27th to July 30th, 2016, we will highlight time based performance art work that has been presented in the greater Baltimore region.

The Labbodies curatorial team: Ada Pinkston and Hoesy Corona will fill the gallery with an installation that include sculptural assemblage, video art, photos, and other ephemera that is connected to performance art. For this tightly curated installation we will invite a number of local performance artists.

We will program a live performance every night over the course of 3 days. The live performances will be a program of performative work that examines the theme Retrospective. The term Retrospective has been considered and used more in contemporary times than it has been in the past one hundred years. Performers will be asked develop proposals that is an examination of or related to the past. There will performances that are an examination of history as far back as one hundred years, to one year, to one month, to one week. Performances that examine a macro retrospective, such as social, political, or economic history will be juxtaposed with performances that examine a micro retrospective such as personal histories related to identity, family, and aging.

Participating artists will be selected through an open call and nominated by an advisory panel. To submit a proposal, please click the link below:


Field Projects is pleased to announce our Winter 2016 Open Call! Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their work for consideration in our May 2016 exhibition: Show #34. All submissions will be considered by our Guest Curator Paulina Bebecka (Director, Postmasters Gallery, NY) for Show #34 and the accompanying online show. Simultaneously, Field Projects Panel, made up of 4-6 curators, will be considering the submissions for future group shows, solo shows, art fairs and our NYC studio visit program, where we invite outside curators to accompany us to your studio. (80% of the artists we have shown in the last 5 years have been discovered through the Open Call.)


With your submission you will get several opportunities:

1. Show #34 by Guest Curator Paulina Bebecka (Director, Postmasters Gallery, NY).

2. Online Exhibition by Paulina Bebecka and FP Panel.

3. Future Group and Solo Exhibitions at Field Projects.

4. Future Art Fairs with Field Projects.

5. Outside Exhibitions by our FP panel members.

6. Studio Visit pool for NYC Artists.

Field Projects is an NYC-based project space located in the heart of Chelsea’s gallery district. As an artist run space, we are committed to opening the field of exhibition opportunities to other working artists.

Submit :

up to 5 images of your work

Artist Statement


Deadline: Saturday, October 8th, 2016, 11:59 PM !!

About Show #34

  • All artwork must arrive at Field Projects by Thursday, October 27th.
  • The theme of the show will come from the work submitted.
  • Selected artists will be notified by October 16th.
  • Show #34 opens on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016.
  • All artwork in Show #34 will be for sale, with artists receiving 50% of final sale.

Please visit our website to apply to: http://www.fieldprojectsgallery.com/open-call-3-1/

We look forward to seeing your work!!!


Field Projects

526 W 26th Street,


New York, NY 10001





Funding projects which you have begun or which are well underway, and for which you have substantial work to show. We request that the majority of your submitted materials be related to and part of this project. (See the Recent Grantees page for examples of  recently funded projects.) Please take time to read the guidelines and application form via Submittable carefully.


Small artist support grants ( $500 – $1500 ) to individual feminist women in the arts  (citizens with primary residence in the U.S. and Canada)


Theater, playscripts, videos, and work which is or will be self-published. We do not give loans or provide money for educational assistance, work on dissertations or research (except research to be used in writing a book). We do not provide funds for the cost of editing services, business projects, or emergency money for people in need. We rarely give money to groups. Those who have applied for a grant previously must wait two years before reapplying to the fund. Former grantees must wait five years before reapplying.


Applicants will be notified about grant decisions approximately five months after the deadline date.  Generally, notifications are sent mid-May for fiction, mixed-genre, and visual art and mid-November for poetry and nonfiction.


Our link to Submittable will go live and allow you to apply on  January 1st  for each annual application cycle. Below are the materials you will need to gather and write one you are ready to apply.

Writers: a 400-word project description, a budget (as attachment), a 100-word description explaining why you are applying to a feminist fund, a 2-page resume (as attachment), and up to 20 pages of writing.

Mixed Genre (graphic and visual art with text): all of the above and up to 20 pages of text & illustration in .jpg format

Visual Artists: a 400-word project description, a budget (as attachment), a 100-word description explaining why you are applying to a feminist fund, a 2-page resume (as attachment), and 4 work samples in .jpg format, labeled as to title, size, medium, date.

Image specifications (also found in Submittable once beginning the application):  Upload 4 images using the file upload buttons. Each JPEG may be no larger than 1600 pix in any direction. The image resolution must be between 72 and 100 dpi. Each file must be less than 1MB and labeled with the applicant’s last name followed by a period, first initial, underscore and number, for example SMITH.J_1.JPG, SMITH.J_2.JPG.

DEADLINES (you may apply in only one genre)

January 1 – January 31, 2017  for Nonfiction and Poetry.  All applications accepted via Submittable Please click the link below to submit to our online application. These applications have a $25 fee, payable by credit card or PayPal.

January 1 – January 31, 2018  for Visual Art, Fiction and Mixed Genre via Submittable.Please click the link below to submit to our online application.  These applications have a $25 fee, payable by credit card or PayPal


Please note that as of 2015, we no longer accept applications through snail mail. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you’ll grow with us as we move toward a more sustainable application process for all. Good luck! We’re excited to read your work.