There is a new arts writing/review/essay site in Baltimore!


From their first post: post-office arts journal is a critical platform aiming to respond to the prolific output in Baltimore’s alternative arts venues as well as a publication space for open-ended essays/thought exercises both related to and not related to the arts.
It is founded with a few specific thoughts in mind. The first is that Baltimore’s arts are growing quickly and demand a new voice that can join the currently strong (but limited) writing landscape in this city. The creativity found in this city is unique and fecund. A goal is to reduce the amount of programming that goes unaddressed. When shows go up and come down without receiving proper consideration and dialogue, opportunities for development and conversation are lost. Critical writing is important for more than just audience, it is a resource useful to artists and venues alike as a way to maintain emphasis on discourse as well as to better document the multitude of impulses that are felt in this city.
Post-Office is interested in a criticism that doesn’t necessarily cheerlead cultural production, that is able to observe exhibitions, events, and actions for their quality, their intentions, their craft, and their timeliness. Having an accessible platform available to record these thoughts for current and future reflection is valuable. POAJ will morph and change over time as it gains a better sense for where it fits in the cultural dialogue to best cater to these interests.
At its outset, POAJ is a digital space that encourages submissions from artists, curators, students, writers, and non-writers. Aside from strict “arts writing,” POAJ is interested in open-ended essay writing that is interested in developing thoughts on topics on design, economics, social interaction, history, etc.
If you would like to pitch a review or an essay, send us a quick note at postofficeartsjournal (at) gmail (dot) com before starting so we can talk first. We’re interested in reviews between 750 and 1,250 words, but are always flexible depending on the case. We look forward to hearing from you!


Puffin Foundation is accepting applications for project support.

Description: The Puffin Foundation Ltd. continues to make grants that encourage emerging artists whose works might have difficulty being aired due to their genre and/or social philosophy. The Foundation does not have the means to fund large film/documentary proposals, grants for travel, continuing education, or the writing or publishing of books. Average grants are approximately $1,250. The maximum grant size is $2,500. For the upcoming 2015 cycle, Puffin will review grants only in the following fields: Video/Film, Fine Arts, and Public Interest/Environmental Issues. Application forms are not available electronically and must be requested by mail. Please review the Puffin website for full application details. Geographic Focus:

National Deadline: December 6, 2014 (to request application packet), December 27, 2014 (final deadline)

The 8th annual open call to the Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship is now open. Advancing the professional development of emerging visual artists, the two-yearprogram serves as a steppingstone for the next generation of contemporary artists in Washington, DC.
What will you receive as a Hamiltonian Fellow?
–  Solo and Group Exhibitions in the Hamiltonian Gallery space

–  Mentorship from established artists and art professionals

–  Exhibition support and peer critiques

–  Access to professional development lectures and career resources

–  Annual $1,000 stipend

–  Gallery representation by Hamiltonian Gallery

–  Community engagement and outreach opportunities

Apply Today!

Please visit for all information on application guidelines and forms, fellowship requirements and a description of our selection process.

Deadline: Monday, March 2, 2015 at 6:00pm
All incomplete applications and applications that are postmarked after this date will not be considered.

For additional questions, please call 202-332-1116 or contact us via email