Please join us at School 33 Art Center on September 6th, 2013 from 6-9pm for opening receptions in each of our three gallery spaces (plus a brand new exhibition space)! We hope to see you there for an amazing, art-filled night!

Main Gallery:
“Transfigurations” by Lania D’Agostino
Layered between memory, love, loss and hope, D’Agostino employs a wide range of media, including resin, plaster, oil paint, wood and fiberglass in her work. The work is often intuitive with a recurring theme of gender identity that is explored in multiple ways. D’Agostino’s multidisciplinary approach to art making yields work that is emotionally impactful and illuminating, and shines a lovely light on identity and gender in a way that reminds us that we are all human first.

Members’ Gallery:
“Subject to Terms and Conditions” by Nancy Daly
It is easy to just hope the companies we patronize are using our money and support for good. In this solo installation by Lotta Art 2013 Best in Show winner Nancy Daly, viewers are urged to investigate the unanticipated effects of blind participation by placing them in a situation wherein aesthetic choices made by individuals will determine where the artist’s money goes. Nancy Daly pledges to donate percentages of her yearly charity donation to over 50 charities and organizations based on data obtained from the piece.

Project Space:
“Suspended Perceptions” by Nathan Lewis and Lorelei McHale
This two-person installation by Corcoran College of Art and Design students, based on illusion and human perception, asks, “Does reality shape our perception or our perception shape reality?” This concept questions the very fabric that we all build our lives around. The collaboration between McHale (an Interior Design major) and Lewis (a Fine Arts major) has given birth to an installation that provokes the theory of perception through rhythm, lighting, texture, and geometric form.

*New* Exhibition Space:
“Co-Lab(oration): Nanotecture” by Jonathan Latiano and Jennifer Strunge
At first glance, the portfolios of Latiano and Strunge appear to exist on opposing sides of the sculptural spectrum. Although attracted to starkly different materials, upon closer examination, their underlying points of inspiration become evident. Converging forms, the structures of the natural world and abstracted human intuition are all conceptual launching pads for these two artists. “Nanotecture” addresses notions of coinciding biological/geological forms, architectural intervention, points of transition and what it means to come upon something.

Funded by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, School 33 Art Center’s “Co-Lab(oration)” is an on-going platform for diverse artists to work collaboratively in a process of creative exploration, resulting in the development of multiple new works.

Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore will host an exhibit and performance of art by veterans and service members that explores the experience of serving in the military, transition and return home. The following art will be considered:

  • Paintings
  • Photographs
  • Multimedia Art
  • Clips from Documentaries, Short Films
  • Monologues, Poetry, Performance

The exhibit will open Saturday, October 5, 2013 during Open Studio Hours (11 a.m. – 4 p.m.). It will continue on subsequent Saturdays through November 2.

See full guidelines and submission info.


Legal and Financial Education for Artists

— Click HERE for the flyer

Saturday, September 28, 2013, Waldorf, MD, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm – (with breaks and refreshments)

Waldorf West Library, 10405 O’Donnell Place, Waldorf, MD 20603

Get the scoop on Copyright Law, Liability Insurance, Business Entities (LLC v. Nonprofit v. Fiscal Sponsorship), and Merchant Services. Free! But reservations required.

Space is limited! Please RSVP at or call MCA: 410-467-6700.

Presented by PNC Bank, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts,

Maryland Citizens for the Arts and hosted by the Charles County Arts Alliance.

sophiajacob presents a night of performances 
Organized by Elspeth Walker
Saturday, September 7. 8-11pm

From their press release:

Please join us at Floristree on September 7 between 8-11 pm for a free event and one night installation featuring a program of performances that overlap, erupt spontaneously, and come together to construct an unconventional landscape. Performers will collaborate in building a space that is easily dismantled, temporary, utopic and unsustainable. The program will feature live performance, durational action, live streaming and pre-recorded video, and works in which the body may be present or absent. In contrast to the anonymity associated with sophiajacob’s concurrent gallery installation, this event presents a chance to highlight the persona, identity, and presence of the artist.

sophiajacob’s current programming seeks to create a web of collaborators connected by this trifecta of projects, thereby developing overlap, relation, and confluence while seeking to destroy an indication towards a concrete, understandable, or straightforward persona of the artist.

An accompanying compilation text will be available for takeaway at this event.

Featured artists:
Mehron Abdollmohammadi, Noel Freibert, Brian Letchworth, Chloe Maratta, Hanna M. Owens, Pontius Piglet, Nikholis Planck, Harrison Tyler, Velvet, Alex Franz Zehetbauer

510 W. Franklin Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

The JCC of Greater Baltimore and Gordon Center for Performing Arts seek local artists to be a special part of a community wide Russian Cultural Event by painting a small set of wooden Russian Matryoshka Dolls in their own personal style, color, medium. These dolls will be on display in the Gordon Center gallery for the whole community to see during a 10-day celebration in October. Then the dolls will be placed into a silent auction that will help support ongoing Russian cultural events. We expect over 30 local artists to be involved with this project and many hundreds of patrons and community members to have the opportunity to see these pieces during the 10-day celebration.  The dolls are available for pick-up at the Owings Mills JCC and need to be returned, fully painted along with a brief artist statement by September 15th. For more information or to request to be involved, please let me know.  For more info, contact Randi Benesch at or 410-559-3609.



As a collaboration between The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (SCEE) and The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA), The Landlab series invites professional artists to create projects which operate on the multiple platforms of artistic creation, ecological restoration and education.

Specifically, four paid residencies of $3,000 each, taking place from April – October 2014, will grant selected artists resources and space on SCEE’s 340-acre property to engage audiences in the processes of ecological stewardship, scientific investigation, and artistic creation. Our residency provides large outdoor spaces and limited indoor workspace, but does not provide living spaces. Artists will be expected to provide their own housing. Having a vehicle is recommended.

LandLab projects will result in innovative, art-based installations that prevent or remediate environmental damage conditions while raising public awareness about our local ecology.

LandLab seeks artists engaged in environmental exploration and discovery, who work well collaboratively across disciplines, have a working understanding and/or awareness of the ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania region, and are committed to deepening public awareness of environmental issues through their artistic practice. LandLab projects will prioritize time spent on site and a process of investigation.

The Schuylkill Center creates connections between people and nature by using our forests and fields as a living laboratory. The Center for Emerging Visual Artists provides career development services for professional visual artists, helps artists reach their audiences, and promotes interest in and understanding of the visual arts among citizens of the Philadelphia region. Together and through this first program of its kind in Philadelphia, we invite all professional visual artists who fit these criteria and are able to work on-site at SCEE for the summer of 2014 to apply before October 15, 2013.

To apply visit

For further information visit the SCEE website 


The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) is proud to announce the application for its Visual Artist Fellowship is now open. Please review the revised guidelines below.

Please note each application is reviewed carefully and all applicants are also eligible for exhibition, sales, teaching and other opportunities through CFEVA. All professional visual artists are encouraged to apply before November 15, 2013. 

The Visual Artist Fellowship is designed to help artists within 100 miles of Philadelphia reach new levels in their artistic and professional practice. Artists will be asked to demonstrate a vision for the next level of their professional or artistic practice and a clear plan for CFEVA’s proposed role in reaching it. Artists will be selected based on the merit of their artwork, demonstrated ability to reach stated goals, their vision for the next level in their career, and the ability of CFEVA to help get them there.

Three artists will be selected receive a full range of career support over the two-year Fellowship to ensure the successful realization of a career goal, artistic outcome, or related project as defined in the application. In addition, selected artists will receive a $1000 award and up to $3000 to cover expenses related to the proposed activity.

We invite all artists to apply with their current needs and ideas regardless of their status of emerging, mid career or established.

For full program details and the electronic application, please visit the CFEVA website 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Final application deadline is November 15, 2013. For more information or questions, contact Genevieve Coutroubis at